VFD Double Stage High-Efficiency Vacuum Insulation

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Email ID : sinonsh707@gmail.com
Telephone : +86-23-67725736
Mobile : -
Place : Chongqing ,Chongqing  ,China.
Zipcode : 400021
Company Address : 15 Floor, Hongding international mansion C, Jiangbei district
Other - 400021
Contact Address : 15 Floor, Hongding international mansion C, Jiangbei district
Other - 400021
Web Site : NSHOilPurifierManufacture

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Company Name : NSH Oil Purifier Manufacture
Address : 15 Floor, Hongding international mansion C, Jiangbei district
Other - 400021
Company Website : http://nshoilfilter.weebly.com
Country : China


Sino-NSH Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd is a high-tech Company which is engaged in researching, developing and manufacturing lubrication purification equipment. Its parent company, Sino-NSH High-Tech Company, was established in 1992. NSH is located at Chongqing China where the third biggest river of the world, Yangtse, passes through it. The transportation is very convenient
NSH regards technical innovation and satisfying service as its philosophy. Taking advantage of Human resources capital and absorbing domestic and foreign advanced purification technology, NSH is committed in making purification equipment. NSH passed the approval of the ISO 9001 quality system and become the main manufacture base of purification machine in China 
NSH oil purification equipment series are extensively used in the fields of electric power, petroleum, natural gas, mechanical manufacture, steel, metallurgy, railway, aviation etc. which consume lubrication oil. It's the principal products covering more than 100 kinds of products in 7 series and can meet different needs of customers. For special demands of customers, we offer particular solutions.
 NSH products are not only able to lower customers' cost and maintain security effectively, but also solve the problem of which the waste oil contaminates environment.
We believe:
The development of NSH is derived from talent of human
the survival of NSH is based on products quality
the innovation is the power of NSH's success
the management is the source of NSH's achievement. 
Our vision is to be a first class company in the world; we will work hard to pursue it step by step.

Product Catalogue:

Insulation Oil Series

       VFD          Double-Stage High-Efficiency Vacuum Insulation Oil Purifier

       VFD-A            Double-Stage Vacuum Insulation OilAutomation Purifier

       VFD-R            Double-Stage Vacuum Insulation OilRegeneration Purifier

       VFD-T             Double-Stage Vacuum Insulation OilPurifier with Tester

Turbine Oil Series

TF           Turbine Oil Purifier      

       TF-A        Turbine Oil Automation Purifier  

       TF-R        Turbine Oil Regeneration Purifier      

Lubrication OilSeries

       LV           Lubrication Oil Purifier                            

       LV-A        Lubrication Oil Automation Purifier                               

  LV-R       LubricationOil Regeneration Purifier

Gas Engine OilRegeneration System

       GER Series

Flame-resistantOil Series

       FV          Flame-resistant Oil Purifier

       FV-A        Flame-resistant Oil Automation Purifier

Explosion-proof Series

       EV          Explosion-proof Vacuum Purifier

       EV-A      Explosion-proof Vacuum Purifier

       EP          Explosion-proof Precision FilteringPurifier

       EP-A       Explosion-proof Precision FilteringPurifier

Spare Part


       PVC steel wire reinforce hose                  

Silicagel for Regeneration

       Regenerationunits for transformer oil

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VFD Double Stage High-Efficiency Vacuum Insulation
VFD Double Stage High-Efficiency Vacuum Insulation