ER14250,1/2AA,3.6V lithium battery

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Place : Wuzhou ,Guangxi  ,China.
Zipcode : 543000
Company Address : head office:No.9, Xingyu Road, Wuzhou Industrial Park
Wuzhou - 543000
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Company Name : Guangxi Ramway New Energy Co., Ltd.
Address : head office:No.9, Xingyu Road, Wuzhou Industrial Park
Wuzhou - 543000
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Country : China


Guangxi Ramway New Energy Co., Ltd. is one of the most competitive suppliers and manufacturers which is invested by Ramway Technology Group specialized in 3.6v(LiSOCL2 )primary cylindrical lithium batteries and lithium button cells such as ER14250, ER14335,ER14505,ER17505,ER18505,ER26500,ER34615,ER261020,ER341245,ER14250M,ER14335M,ER14505M,ER17505M,ER18505M,ER26500M,ER34615M,ER9V,CR9V,CR14250,CR14505,CR123A,CR26500,CR34615,CR2,2CR5,CR-P2,U9VL,CR1025,CR1216,CR1220,CR1225,CR1616,CR1620,CR1625,CR2016,CR1632,CR2025,CR2032,CR2320,CR2354,CR2430,CR2450,CR2477,CR3020,etc..) In China. Our lithium batteries have the advantages of high energy density, high open circuit voltage, wide range of operating temperature, stable operating voltage and current (over 90% of the total capacity is discharged at a high plateau voltage), long operating life (over 8 years) for continuous low current discharge with medium current pulse and low self-discharge rate (less than 1% per year).


Saft replacement LS14250 LS14500 LS33600 LSH14 LS26500 LS17330 LS17500 RAMWAY batteries can replace for LS14250C LS14500C LS26500 LS33600 (86-13971287375 Mia Ruan) [email protected] or [email protected] Guangxi Ramway New Energy Co., Ltd. is professional dedicated in lithium batteries which can replace for different models of 1/2AA.2/3AA,AA,2/3A,A,C,D,CC,DD Size, such as LSH14 LSH20 LS17330 LS17500 (application in utility meters, security alarms, electronic toll collection, automotive electronics etc..) LS14250C LS14500C LS26500 LS33600 residential metering systems, C&I metering systems, CRM systems, missile systems, etc.. LSH14 LSH20 LS17330/2PT LS17500/P saft replacement xeno celltec tadiran lithium battery replacement LS14250C LS14500C range findersLS26500 LS33600 LSH14 LSH20 LS14250C LS14500C LS26500C LS33600C LST14250 LST14500 LST26500 LST33600 LS14250C

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ER14250,1-2AA,3.6V lithium battery
ER14250,1/2AA,3.6V lithium battery