Billiards tables

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Email ID : [email protected]
Telephone : +91-491-3252064
Mobile : +91-9895558035
Place : Palakkad ,Kerala ,India.
Zipcode : 678002
Company Address : Main road, Olavakkode
Palakkad - 678002
Contact Address : Main road, Olavakkode
Palakkad - 678002
Web Site : ashokwoodworksandtimberindustries

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Company Name : Ashok Wood Works and Timber Industries
Address : Main road, Olavakkode
Palakkad - 678002
Company Website :
Country : India


About us


A Billiards, Snooker and Pool tables manufacturing company in India and a wood working factory based at Palakkad in kerala, with its origins going back nearly a half century; we established a saw mill unit & timber business during the year 1950 

In an era of globalization and anonymous generic "product" we the third generation expanded our activities as manufacturer and supplier of billiards tables, snooker tables, pool tables and its room décor furnitures under brand name 3r billiard 

3 R in our brand name   
Rich woods
Royal looks 
Reasonable prices


Manufacture, supply and install billiards tables, snooker tables and pool tables in India, we also supply billiard accessories or cue sport items like stranchan billiards cloth by Milliken England, hainsworth billiards cloth, wiraka snooker cloth, Indian and imported pool cloth, billiards cue, snooker cue, pool cues, cue tips, aramith billiards balls, aramith snooker balls, aramith pool balls, master chalks, triangle chalks, triangle, polygon, table parts and billiards room furniture etc

Repairs and maintenance of Snooker tables, billiards tables, pool tables & works like cue tips replacement; reassembling and refabrication of Snooker, Billiards, Pool tables in India are also undertaken

We also manufacture Custom design billiards tables, snooker tables, pool tables suiting your room interiors

Right from our beginnings in 1950’s we have understood the need to keep our clients not only happy but also satisfied with high quality products and service. 

We have the expertise knowledge to meet all your needs from a simple to a complete setup suitable for a world class indoor games room.


Billiards tables. 
Snooker tables. 
Pool Tables. 
Billiards cues.
Pool Table cues.  
Billiards cloths|felts.
Players chairs.
Spectators’ benches
Cue holders & Stands.


Leading global brands like aramith billiards balls or aramith pool balls, stranchan premium billiards cloth by Milliken made in England are crafted into our billiards, snooker and pool tables so that you and future generations will have a life time satisfaction and enjoyment

Using skills passed from generation to generation which are kept fresh and alive by daily practice in timber field, each table is a unique focal point and expression of skill and dedication. 

  • First grade Rich woods of Kerala are used in our tables which are rich in high oil content and are known for its quality, texture, luster and durability  
  • Pure wool cloth from the worlds best mills
  • Specialized imported accessories and table fittings are worked with precision and care for Royal looks
  • Our Tables are built to perfection at its finest with world class quality and are Reasonably priced


Billiards tables