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Email ID : [email protected]
Telephone : +91-442-6247592
Mobile : +91-9884293189
Place : Chennai ,Tamil Nadu ,India.
Zipcode : 60005
Company Address : 56, Kalyani Industrial Estate, Athipet, Vanagaram Road,
Chennai - 60005
Tamil Nadu
Contact Address :
Chennai - 60005
Tamil Nadu
Web Site : saiengineering

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Address : 56, Kalyani Industrial Estate, Athipet, Vanagaram Road,
Chennai - 60005
Tamil Nadu
Company Website : http://www.saienggindia.com
Country : India


Sai Engineering was established in 2002 as a supplier of special purpose tools and machineries to various industries.

The core of the company are the skills acquired over the years in the field of Special Fixtures and Gauges, the knowledge of which has expanded during the years spent on development and new concept technologies implemented through rigorous trials and Research.


  • Experts in the Design and Manufacture of Jigs, Fixtures, Gauges & Tooling's of all complications for the Automotive Industry.
  • We Customize products to meet the requirements of the clients to their satisfaction
  • Design Team comprises of Qualified and skilled Design Engineers Empowered in PowerShape, Catia, AutoCAD. CAM using Delcam Powermill.
  • We have executed more than 200 projects and running in a span of over 12 years


    • Sai Engineering’s aim is to have priority to customers than ourselves.
    • Our main aim has always been to create a friendly working environment with our clients, to improve communication and “be there” for our clients whenever needed.
    • Another work oriented aim is to solve the most complicated solutions in any industry. The nature of our preferred projects themselves speak volumes for this fact.


      • Adhere to strict quality measures
      • Keep commitments at any cost
      • Strict adherence to the Delivery Schedules
      • Value for money and Industry
      • Complete Customer Satisfaction
      • Detailed and Competitive Pricing

Testing fixtures