Foundry Brush

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Email ID : [email protected]
Telephone : +91-422-2234233
Mobile : +91-9443776531
Place : Coimbatore ,Tamil Nadu ,India.
Zipcode : 641009
Company Address : No.255,First Floor ,Ranga Konar Street,Kattoor
Coimbatore - 641009
Tamil Nadu
Contact Address : No.255, First Floor ,Ranga Konar Street,Kattoor
Coimbatore - 641009
Tamil Nadu
Web Site : impierialtextilespare

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Company Name : Impierial Textile Spare
Address : No.255,First Floor ,Ranga Konar Street,Kattoor
Coimbatore - 641009
Tamil Nadu
Company Website :
Country : India


We manufacture and supply a wide variety of Textile Machinery Spares or Cones. Our range mainly comprises of Spinning Machine, Automatic Winder, Sueding Machine, Processing Machine and Shearing Lafer and Cone Winding Holders and Spares.

We are a growing firm and integrate our resources efficiently to provide the best quality products to our customers. We look for possibilities of competence and have the zeal to achieve. With our fair and transparent business policies we have garnered fruitful relationships with our clients’’

1.  Specialists In :
     L.R. Laxmi Reter Machinery Spares
     a) L.R. Blow Room
     b) L.R. Carding C1/1, C1/2, C1/3

2.   L.R. Drawing DO/2, DO/2S.
      Padmatex Drawing

3.   L.R. Simplex L.F. 1400, LF 1400 A&L.R/G.S.

4.   L.R. Ring Spinning Frame's
      L.R. D.J.5, G 5/1. L.R. 6/S

All type Textile Machinery Spares.
a) Carding  -L.C. 100, L.C 300 , M.M.C. Flats & Texmaco Carding
b) Carding  -R.S.B.
c) Simplex  -T.S./15, M.M.C
d) Ring Spinning-D.J./50, 5/A, 5HS, N.M.M. M.E.
e) Cone Winding -Spares
f) Doubling- Spares
g) OE -Spares
h) COMBER - Spares
and also 1. Gearwheels 2. Pulleys 3.Sheet Metals & Springs 4.Wooden Accessories 5. Leather Belt & Timing Belt and all type of Textile Cleaning Brushes 6. leather Aprons & Synthetic Aprons. 7.Special Brushes 8. Spinning Pneumafil Units, Cone Winding Pneumafil Units, Pneumafil Fans (Impellers) (ES) Fans & Pipes.

Plastic Components :
Simplex and Spinning Bobbins, Separators , Condencers, Thread guide, Spacers, False Twister, Top roller, End cap, Floating condencers, Creel Feed rollers etc

Servicing & Reconditioning:
L.R. S.K.F.& W.S.T. Top arm reconditioning Aluminium and M.S. Flyer balancing, spindle re-buttoning and Hank Indicator works, Pocker Rod Re-conditioning & Conversion.(G5/1, LR6/S, DJ/5) Comber Nippers, Re- needling & Servicing.

Conversion of Pneumafil Individual Suction to Common Suction in LR G5/1, LR 6/S & China Ring Frames
We are undertaking all type of Textiles Machine Shafting, servicing and Re-erection.
Note: Meanwhile we are expecting your moments,in near future.


Foundry Brush