Ingot Casting Conveyor


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Product Name : Ingot Casting Conveyor
Type : Automotive Engineering
Place of Origin : Coimbatore
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Automotive Engineering, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, is the eminent Manufacturers and Exporters of a high-quality range of Ingot Casting conveyors. 

Utilized for the consecutive casting of several molds at a time. Mould metal is cascaded directly on molds in a balanced method without any overflow from the mold. The consecutive casting of the molds using the Ingot Caster Conveyor Machine saves fuel and manpower.

Ingot Casting Conveyor includes several molds fixed on Standard Attachment Chain that rotates at very slow speed around the chain sprockets fixed on the opposite side of the machine. Chain Sprockets are driven through electric motor & speed reduction gearboxes. Molten metal is poured from one end of the machine and the casted mold cascades automatically from the other end of the machine after cooling.

The cooling is done by water spray on the molds, and self-cooling also takes place during solidification while moving. Our Ingot Caster Conveyor is designed & fabricated to operate without any wastage of material and smooth casting with the clean top surface of the Ingots at a reasonable price.

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