Zinc Ingot Casting Machine


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Product Name : Zinc Ingot Casting Machine
Type : Automotive Engineering
Place of Origin : Coimbatore
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Automotive Engineering, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, is the eminent Manufacturers and Exporters of a high-quality range of Aluminum ingot casting Machines. 

We ensure our ingot casting machine has a long life in a foundry environment as well as being fast, efficient, and 100% reliable. We fabricate the frames in-house from high-quality steel. Our pouring systems have been designed to minimize dross formation, which in turn improves the ingots produced.

An adjustable speed system allows the volume of metal poured into each Mold to be accurately controlled, producing Ingots of consistent weight and dimension. The Ingots fall, assisted by two hammers. We offer tailor-made products integrating all the unique specifications at an affordable price.

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