Manual Edge Banding Machine


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Product Name : Manual Edge Banding Machine
Type : JRI
Place of Origin : JRI
Delivery time : NA


Model : JRI 3002-Manual Edge Banding

Our Manual Edge Banding Machine is used to paste PVC Tape, Melamine Tape, Paper Tape, Veener, Wooden Strips and Mica Strips on the edges of the pre-laminated and ply-board to cover the edges. Pneumatic Cutting Device can be set to actuate the cut of band for a pre-defined length using the electronic counter.

Salient Features

  •  Best Low-Cost Edge Banding solutions for small panels
  •  German Technology Sensors for high accuracy and reliability
  •  User friendly machine for simple edge banding applications
  •  Pneumatic Controlled Cutting devices with pre defined length
  •  Used to paste PVC Tapes, Melamine Tapes & Paper Tapes
  •  Adaptive to VFD for increased efficiency & accuracy
  •  Additional Air Tank to prevent pneumatic accident in cyclic operations

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