Vacuum Membrane Pressing Machine


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Product Name : Vacuum Membrane Pressing Machine
Type : Ruei industries
Place of Origin : India
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Vacuum Membrane Pressing Machine

Ruei Industries Private Limited, Coimbatore (India) is a Vacuum Membrane Press Machine Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in South India.One of our specialties is that our Vacuum Press Machine are in high quality, Heavy duty, Economical comparing to others. Best assurance Vacuum Membrane Machine Product is given for Quality, Guarantee and after sale-service.


  • This machine can be to the timber wood-based plate aluminium alloy stencil plate the unsmooth leading type of surface of such materials as the gypsum board etc…
  • Covers and sticks to PVC the three-dimension Boeing film mould and make (Match our factory
  • customized silica gel board may the card cover wooden skin hot to is it print to transfer to )
    auxiliary to process the equipment on furniture, cupboard ornament materials work of art,
    adveolearn maintenance well.

TECHNIACAL SPECIFICATIONS of Vacuum Membrane Pressing Machine

Working table size 2600 X 1100 mm (Sizes to be Customized)
Total motor power 20 kw (6-7 kw)
Power supply 380v Three- Phase Four - Wire
Working air pressure 0.7 ~ -0.1 MPa
Net weight 1800 kg
Dimension 5600 X 1400 X 1300mm

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