Mayil Mark Samba Wheat Broken ( Samba Ravai )

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Place : Coimbatore ,Tamil Nadu ,India.
Zipcode : 641001
Company Address : No 118, Trichy Main Road,
Coimbatore - 641001
Tamil Nadu
Contact Address : No 833, Rangai Gowder Street,2nd Floor,
Coimbatore - 641001
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Address : No 118, Trichy Main Road,
Coimbatore - 641001
Tamil Nadu
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Country : India


The Brand Mayil Mark has been established on 1960 by our founder Mr. M.Vanniyarajan and followed by his sons Mr.Chandra Sekaran (Chairman), Mr.Senthil Kumar (Board of Director), Mr. V.V. Bala Subramani (Board of Director), Mr.C.Ponmurugan (MD), Mr.V.C. Saravana Kumar (MD). The Pioneer of this Samba wheat happens is M.Vanniyarajan & Sons and there is a general consensus about it."Our firm was the first to introduce packed commodities like samba rava in Coimbatore market". According to all of us "We breathe samba rava and it is our passion and our passion is our business fortunately". The Coimbatore region consumes vast quantities of uppuma; it is the uppuma land of planet earth. The brand name Mayil Mark itself gives strength to us. Since the meaning of "Mayil" is called "Peacock". Our Aim is to serve all peoples and make them fully satisfied by our products. We work for our customers. We serve for our customers. We satisfy our customers. We supply only 100% pure Quality food products. Our factory is situated at Sulur which is 20km away from Coimbatore in the name of Ponmurugan Dhal Mills. We work throughout the clock to give high quality products. Our production style is fully different from other manufacturers. We use only modernized machineries and equipments imported from Germany for Production and Packaging process. We introduced other products also like Gram Flour, Orid Dhal, Wheat Flour, and Bajji Bonda Mix in the same brand name. Our Production is approximately 40 tons per day, we supply throughout Tamil Nadu and Kerala, our network is also in Singapore, Malaysia and Srilanka. Quality is our Aim. Customer Satisfaction is our Energy. Our raw material Samba Wheat is produced and collected from the selected fields with keen watch and the main season is between January and April but it is available all through the years from us. It is carried out by one of our partner Mr.M.S.Dhanasekaran who has dedicated his full work for our company growth. Our Mayil Mark Samba Rava is 100% pure and all husk and impurities are removed by German Technology Machineries. Samba Wheat has dietary qualities, diabetic peoples are comfortable with our product which contains Low Fat, High Protein and Rich in Fiber, so that Mayil Mark Samba Wheat Broken helps to maintain fat level in our body and helps the people to fit. The Preparation method is very simple it can be cooked within 15min (approx) just by boiling with one third of water for example 1 cup of rava with 3 cups of water add with required vegetables and required salt and chilly. Our product is Tasty and healthy one. Labors are like our family members they love our concern, they were provided with clean Accommodation, Hygienic Food and break time Tea and Snacks to refresh them for free of cost.

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