BIOBAG - Urine Collection Bag


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Product Name : BIOBAG - Urine Collection Bag
Type : Zenith Medical Equipments
Place of Origin : Coimbatore,India
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Zenith medical equipments are one of the leading manufacturing and marketing of BIOBAG - Urine Collection Bag at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Our Zenith medical equipments manufactures and markets an array of high-quality plastic medical disposables like infusion sets and transfusion sets etc,.

Product Description:

Biobag is fitted with Kink resistant drainage Tube of 1 meter length.
Distal end of the tube fitted with conical ridged adapter fits well with urethral catheters.
Biobag is Fitted with non-return valve prevents ascending infection.
Biobag outlet with closure helps to pour out urine without soilinghands.
Biobag is graduated upto two liters. Welding withstands full capacity of urine ever collected.
Biobag is available with thread and hook to hang.
Biobag is available in E.O Sterile form.

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