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Product Name : Planetary Mixer
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Place of Origin : India
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Technospark Bakery equipment is the best manufacturers and suppliers of PlanetaryMixer in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (India); Planetary Mixer are utilized for verygooey material for blending in glue shape. These planetary blenders requireless space and are additionally simple to clean. Attributable to their similarlylight weight, they can be effectively transported.

Technospark presents international Standards Planetary Mixer with State-of-the-artTechnology

 - Mixers sold by us are durable, reliable, fast, powerful and safe.

 - Techno Spark offers high efficient mixer ofconvenient, trouble-free operation demanding work conditions.

-  Europe-CE, EML> Canada-CSA and UL.

 - Mixers sold by us are durable, reliable,fast, powerful and safe.

 - Available in three or single phase, withlooking emergency stop button, timer and motor cooling system.

-  Overall mixers sold by us have user friendlydesign to ensure efficiency, safety and durability.

-  Techno Spark provides and offers you the mostadvanced tools for food processing to make the best profits.

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